About Us

Our beachhouse is located in Medewi West Bali, a small village whose majority of the population works as farmers and fishermen. And the most important waves in medewi is the longest waves in bali is perfect for beginners and advance level,

We have 5 rooms with sea view surrounded by rice paddies and coconut trees, we have 3 different kind of room Deluxe double, Twin Room and Budget single room, All the room with ocean view and has private bathroom with hot shower, From balcony you can see sunset and check the surf.

If you stay somewhere else around Medewi and need surf lesson for beginners or advance just contact our email, Call or  WhatsApp we will come to your place and pick you up and bring you to the right spot, We also have board rental size from 6,0 to 9,0, To make sure what you you will do while your surfing with us please read descriptions bellow.

Beginner Surf Lessons Our lessons are max 2 to 3 hours in the water and include all equipment. Beginner surf lessons will start with a 30 minute instruction on the beach,You will paddle together, with your surf instructor there to help you and guide you the whole time, all our guides are experience and qualifications.

also our session maximum 2 guest 1 guide not more than that, we want to make sure our guest is safe in the water and having fun.

Advanced Surf Lessons 

arround Medewi we have more than 5 surfsport,

Surf instructor will choose the surf spot with the best conditions for your surfing skill level, then tell you all about the spot(rock, reefs, current). Once you paddle out together they will help you to improve your skill by wave judgment and surfing technique, and give you some andvice and tips how to make better maneuver